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Tips to deter burglars

There are many steps you can take to secure your property and the exterior of your house to deter burglars and make forced entry more difficult. Here are a just a few ideas

Increase visibility of your house

Keep your shrubbery cut back so that it doesn’t block windows and doors.

Secure window air conditioners from the inside.

Illuminate as much of your property as possible.

Use a fencing style that would not conceal a burglar’s activities.

Remember if you can’t see out, others can’t see in.

Fortify your doors and windows

Exterior doors should be solid, not hollow. Metal doors provide the best protection against forced entry.

Secure any glass that is less than 1 m from a door lock. Either coat exterior glass with an acrylic or polycarbonate to strengthen, or replace with laminated or tempered glass.

Door hinges that are on the outside should have a non-removable center pin that can’t be tampered with.

Install deadbolt locks.

Place hinged security bars over basement windows. Remember to keep the key nearby for emergency exits.

Pin sliding patio doors together when closed. Another easy security step is to drill a hole in the upper track and insert a screw that extends out into the runner to prevent the door from being lifted up and out of its track.

Ensure that a burglar cannot access the roof from high trees or a ladder left outside.

Get a guard!

Dogs are great deterrents to burglars. Even a strategically placed “Dog On Premises” sticker can make a burglar think twice. Of course, vicious dogs are never a good idea. If your dog bites someone, you might find yourself in court. A dog that barks is better than one that bites.

Contact the staff at our local office for more safety tips.