Insurance Partner

We represent the top insurance companies in Ontario

We are independent brokers representing most of the leading insurance companies in Ontario.

If you have to make a claim, please contact the insurance company that holds your policy directly, using the numbers below.

You are welcome to give us a call at our local office. Our staff cannot make decisions on your coverage and entitlements, but we can help you through the claims process to ensure a timely settlement.

Emergency toll free numbers

AVIVA 1-866-692-8482
Traveler’s (Dominion) 1-800-661-5522
Echelon 1-866-931-0570
Economical (Western General) 1-800-607-2424
Intact 1-866-464-2424
Jevco 1-866-864-1112
Nordique (Facility) 1-866-464-2424
HTC (Town & Country) 1-877-488-6642
RSA (Facility) 1-800-319-9993
Yarmouth Mutual 1-877-488-6642